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The Purpose of Fashion

Updated: Apr 14

There is an obvious and prominent fact about human beings, in that we have bodies, and that we are bodies.

Since the dawn of time, it has been inappropriate in most cultures and social situations to dress our bodies in complete nakedness, and to instead adorn them in some way – whether it be something as simple as jewellery or perfume, or through clothing, tattooing, cosmetics and other forms of body painting.

Dress is the way in which someone learns to ‘’live in their bodies’’ and ‘’feel at home in them’’. As much as dress can communicate the relationship between the body and the self, there is also a relationship between the body and society - and how a person would love to be perceived within it. Clothes can say a lot about a person without them needing to open their mouth. Despite not ‘judging a book by its cover’, it is human nature for society to make assertions about a person based on their first impressions of them, with ‘’90%’’ of a person’s personality assessed from ‘’the clothing that they wear’’.

Fashion designers are well-aware of this, which is why they are so intrigued by shape, form, and colour of a piece, as well as the social, historical, and cultural references that can go into them- as each contributes a different statement about the person wearing the garment and why they have chosen to wear it.

Aliøn’s Purposeful Fashion

For Aliøn this is most certainly the case. All of our products are made with purpose and intentional detail.

We consider our customer’s relationship with themselves, striving to make clothes that feel luxury and high quality for a heightened sense of personal empowerment. We make sure not to compromise the actual wearability of our garments to achieve this, ensuring that the materials we incorporate are soft, warm, and comfortable – no matter the occasion or external temperature.

We also consider the relationship of our customers with society also, as all our products are eco-friendly, organic, and created to last. Not only does this allow us to stand out in the modern world of fast fashion, it also allows us to provide a product of higher value, as it becomes part of a customer’s wardrobe throughout their lifetime, gaining stories and character as time goes on; serving as an ageless memoire from the time it was purchased.

Given that we are a streetwear brand, we have considered the visual elements of our garments also, such as colour, shape, fit and how they may be combined with each other. All of our items are designed slightly over-sized, in-keeping with modern trends, but with a shape and colour scheme that is unique to Aliøn, and that gives us our iconic identity. You’ll know if you’ve got one of our pieces on, and so will everybody else.

We aim to reverse the meaning of alienation. We love people of all shapes and sizes, from all cultures and backgrounds. Our clothes are a statement that supports this narrative, as we work to create a community that embraces inclusivity, loves our planet and all the beings that live on it, and that looks to the future as opposed to being stuck in the past.

Luxury Sustainable Streetwear with Aliøn

Aliøn is in the midst of developing a cultural phenomenon! If you like what we’re about and want to become part of our out-of-this world family, then join us on social media to follow us on our journey (links at the bottom of this page)!

If you fancy seeing the fashion we have on offer at the moment, why not check out our shop? We have plenty of exciting products on the way. If you have any questions about them, or would like to know more about the information presented throughout this blog, then please do not hesitate to get in touch! We’d love to hear from you.

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