Dare to be different. Dare to be Aliøn.

Øur Values:





The Circular Economy

Øur Mission


Aliøn’s mission is to make quality streetwear clothing that is comfy, timeless and iconic.  

inclusive and artistically diverse to the core. we strive to continue pushing the boundaries of fashion, art, and cultural norms with purpose.

Just because we’re Aliøn, doesn’t mean we don’t have a heart... We're big believers in the circular economy theory, and see great value in ‘’paying forward’’ in support of furthering the health and sustainability of our planet, our animals, and our people.’’



Øur Vision:

Aliøn intends to approach business how it approaches life…

We aim to never be satisfied with the status quo and to continue to push the ‘norms’ with our product designs and ideas.

We consider our staff and customers friends from all walks of life, and aim to always treat them fairly, and to consider them into every business decision.

Aliøn may be from outer space... but we love this planet! Our aim is to become a ‘B-Corp’ registered organisation, so that we may contribute to the circular economy, and help to build the communities that helped to build us!


We care a great deal about the future of Earth’s resources, and will continue to develop our sustainability practices so that we may become as eco-friendly as possible and set an example for the future.

Øur History


Established in 2021.

Aliøn began as a conversation... that has since blasted off into the atmosphere! We may not have a crazy past… but that’s because: WE’RE THE FUTURE BABY!!!