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The Importance of Sustainable Fashion

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

Fast Fashion. The Problem.

Shockwaves have been released throughout the fashion industry over the last few years, as people are becoming more aware of the pollution and wastage statistics within the fashion industry.

Of the 100 billion garments produced each year, there are over 92 million tonnes of textile waste, with over 2.6 million tonnes of this ending up in landfills. To put this into perspective, the fashion industry currently contributes 10% of Earth’s global carbon emissions. Dauntingly, such figures have been predicted to get much worse, with the fashion industry expected to contribute 50% of the Earth’s global carbon emissions by 2030.

To avoid the stigma of ‘being seen in the same thing twice’, the number of times a garment is worn in 2022 has declined by 36% over the last 15 years - with an average wear of only 7 – 10 times before being tossed.

Carbon emissions aside, the current state of fashion impacts almost all of Earth’s natural resources. One of the most affected of these resources is our water. To produce 1kg of Cotton, it takes 20,000 L of water – accounting for 20% of global water pollution. Not only this, but nearly 10% of the microplastics released into the ocean and swallowed by fish are as a result of textile production.

Something needs to change.

Circular Fashion. The Solution.

Many fashion brands are fully aware of their unsustainable practices, yet only 30% of these have taken action.

Circular Fashion is a philosophy that challenges the issues in fast fashion. It is a way of designing clothes that considers the entire lifecycle of a garment - from its conception, to its production, to its end-of-life cycle. It promotes a more mindful approach to fashion, with more responsible consumption, natural materials, and innovative business models.

Top 7 Ways to Fight Fast Fashion and Defend Our Planet

How does this translate to us? Are there things we can do to help with the fast fashion crisis independently? The top 7 ways to fight fast fashion at home and take action defending our planet are outlined below:

1. Buy less

2. Buy clothes from sustainable brands

3. Buy better quality

4. Think twice before throwing your clothes away

5. Buy second hand, swap and rent your clothing

6. Don't wash unnecessarily.

AMCASH x Aliøn Streetwear

Aliøn loves this planet, this galaxy, and everybody that lives within it. As a result, we make sure that our sustainability practices are continually optimised as an integral part of our mission statement.

We partnered with the AMCASH department from the University of Birmingham to conduct an Audit on our company, our practices, our packaging and our supply chain. From their assessment, they made the following comments about our suppliers:

- Good environmental aims and ethics

- GOTS certified organic cotton

- Meet the ‘’OEKO-TEX Standard 100’’ using ‘’recycled plastic tips’’

- A living wage employer

- Very transparent in the way that they operate

- Open about the limitations of sustainability in the fashion industry and the need to ‘’buy less by producing quality garments’’ and ‘’stopping fast-fashion buying habits’’.

- Not just a supplier who are ‘’green washing to boost their sales’’

All of which are reasons for why Aliøn has gravitated so heavily towards them! All our products are of the highest quality so that they can last a lifetime, and be a time capsule memento from the moment you recieve them. Each garment has taken over a year to make and is checked personally by us before they’re sent off – just to ensure they’re absolutely out of this world.

Aliøn - Luxury. Sustainable. Streetwear.

Helping this planet and its people is at the core of what Aliøn stands for. We’re looking to put our signature designs on all types of things, so always keep an eye out for our next drop. We want to disrupt this industry together through innovation, honesty, and a whole lotta turquoise.

Interested in our stuff? Why not check out our shop?

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